We Make Big Ideas Happen

Our Services

  • Managing and creating Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok ads for your business
  • Managing Client’s Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • Rocket Marketing & Consulting manages ads targeting users based on location, age group, as well as their profile information, which can quickly lead them to your business door
  • Forming a customized strategy to help you grow your business to the highest standard
  • We help create the ideal website for your business and make sure you possess the best possible copywriting


  • As the word about Rocket Marketing & Consulting keeps spreading on a daily basis, our team decided to dedicate much more time to our clients, and build up a custom strategy on how our clients’ business can reach the highest level. Recognizing the potential holes and problems in your business is our specialty and providing the solution on how to maximize your capital. Developing a healthy relationship with our clients is our highest priority.

Our Team

Aleksa Milentijevic
(Co-Founder & CEO)

Pavle Popsavin
(Co-Founder & COO)

Marko Milentijevic
(Visual Arts Specialist)